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Azora is for you, if...

  • You want an item that you cannot purchase in your country;
  • European online stores don't accept your card;
  • You trust only the quality of the European goods;
  • You want to save and buy the goods cheaper than in your country.
  1. Go to the Portuguese (or European) version of the brand's website you are interested in (for example, Zara, choose the items you need and add them into the request form.
  2. Pay the items (and delivery to our warehouse if it is not free). In some days (2-6) your order arrives to our local warehouse.

  3. Inform us by email that you want your order to be shipped to you.
  4. Pay the shipping, and we deliver your package anywhere in the world. Depending on the country and on the delivery method you will receive your package in 2 - 30 days.
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Easy order

detailed order process, payment and delivery

Easy order

detailed order process, payment and delivery

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RUSSIA / EE725238342PT

Спасибо сервису Azora,за выгодный и быстрый шоппинг. Ноябрьская посылка дошла молниеносно!

RUSSIA / EE725264461PT

Сделала уже три заказа, Все супер! Спасибо большое, Azora, за возможность заказать в Россию вещи cos!