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About us

We are glad to welcome you on AZORA website that belongs to the Portuguese company Shopping Portugal — SHPS, LDA, as well as AZORA trademark.

We started our business relatively recently and in a quite unusual way. Unlike many companies and brands that first open stores and only after create accounts in social networks, we did the opposite. The first step in our business in June 2013 was to create an account in one of the popular social networks in order to tell everyone that it is possible to buy modern, trendy, high-quality and beautiful European goods at very affordable prices, and that we are here to help you with this!

During this short period Shopping Portugal / AZORA managed to help more than 3000 customers around the world with their purchases and sent out thousands of packages worldwide from sunny Portugal. 

Why do customers choose us?

For the high quality of service we offer, for the popular European brands and prices that will really surprise you!

Our managers will make the purchase process easy and enjoyable at any time of the day or night! The whole process from placing an order until arrival of your package will take no more than 20 days (very often it is much more less!). We will be very happy to see you as our customer. Join now! And welcome aboard of European shopping!

Our services

  • Purchase from online stores in Portugal, Spain, Italy and other European countries. The list of brands we work with, you can find in the Brands section
  • Purchase in Portuguese stores in Lisbon*
  • Consolidation of your orders, i.e. you can make several purchases from different stores/brands, and we will send them to you in one package
  • You can make an order 24/7
  • You pay the price that you see on the European brands' websites, without any additional payments or hidden commission services!**

* For this service you pay additionally 10% of the item price, but not less than 10 euros
** PayPal commission for every transaction is 5% 
*** All the prices are in euro currency. If you pay in another currency, please contact your bank or PayPal customer service to know the exact conversion rate 
**** We do not accept returns or exchanges