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Scheme of work and delivery

AZORA is the intermediary between you and the best European brands, therefore your order passes three steps — shop, warehouse AZORA in Portugal, you. Below you can find a detailed description of how to make a purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Please pay attention, we ship out the orders the way we receive them from online stores. We check only sizes and references on the item's tag. We do not offer returns or exchanges. Fragile goods (earrings, hats, etc.) are not recommended for shipping. Azora is not responsible for goods' damage during transportation. 

What you pay for
Place an Order
You select items on the site of the brand you are interested in (choosing the Portuguese /European version of the website, for example and add links, names, reference number, color and size you need into the form. Send the form to us. Then all the information about your order can be checked in your account.
Please fill out the form taking into account the customs laws in your country. Azora is not responsible for customs taxes.
Value of every order should be equal or more than 10 euros.
Payment for your order and delivery to the Azora warehouse
We receive the form of your order, send you automatic invoice where you can see the amount to pay, i.e. price for all the items you order + shipping cost to our warehouse in Portugal (in case if the brand store does not provide free delivery to our warehouse. You make a payment. You can pay using Visa or Mastarcard of any bank.

* All the prices are in euro currency. You can pay using any currency. If you pay in another currency than euro, please contact your bank or customer service to know the exact conversion rate
** To fulfill the order form correctly is a client's responsibility. 

Goods and delivery from the store to our warehouse in Portugal (if not free) and delivery to you    

Purchase of the order and delivery to the Azora warehouse

We receive your payment, and purchase your order from the brand online store. We are waiting for delivery of the goods to our warehouse. Time of delivery depends on the store, but it usually takes 3-15 business days. During sale periods time of delivery can be increased.

If any of the items are out of stock at the moment of purchase, refund to the account on Azora website will be processed. You can use this money paying for a new order or for delivery

Storage at the Azora warehouse
When the items are delivered to our warehouse, you receive a message. You should Checkout your delivery, choosing the orders you wish to ship. As soon as you checkout, you receive a shipping invoice.
We can store your orders in our warehouse as much time as you wish if you prefer to order more items later and then ship all them in one package, paying only once for shipping. Shipping cost is 17 euros for a package containing up to 25 items.

Delivery of the order
When the package is shipped out, you receive the tracking number.
The average delivery time from our warehouse in Portugal to you is about 5-30 business days if you are in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. For all other countries the time of delivery varies.

You received the package!

You receive your package and now you are welcome to leave a feedback or review and make a new order.

The shipping cost from the Azora warehouse to you (doesn’t depend on the country or region*) is 17 euros

* For Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus please see the Russian language version of 
** We do not ship to EU countries