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Scheme of work and delivery

AZORA is the intermediary between you and the best European brands, therefore your order passes three steps — shop, warehouse AZORA in Portugal, you. Below you can find a detailed description of how to make a purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@azora.store

Please have in mind that orders are sent just as they were received from the brands’ stores. We check only paper labels. Shoe sizes and references are checked only against those indicated on the box or paper label. There are no additional checks. The goods are not inspected for defects and product failures. We provide only purchase and delivery services. We don’t recommend to order fragile and delicate goods, such as earrings or hats, as well as fragrances and liquids in glass and plastic containers, as they may be damaged in the course of delivery. Please bear in mind that AZORA is not liable for damage to fragile and delicate goods during transportation. Please consider all the risks associated with the aforesaid when using the azora.store service. We do not provide either exchanges or returns.

If, for any reason, any of the terms or conditions of the service is unacceptable for you, please refrain from ordering using the AZORA service.

What you pay for
Placing an order

You choose products on the website of the brand you want and add links to them, their names, references, colour and size into the order form. Then you send the form to us. Next, you check all the order details in your personal account

Please make an order in such a way that its total value does not exceed the customs limits of your country, or be ready to pay customs duties upon receipt of the parcel in accordance with the laws of your country.

Payment for the order and its delivery to the Azora warehouse

We receive your order and issue an automatic invoice, where the value of all goods + shipping cost to our warehouse in Portugal are calculated (unless the store provides free delivery to our warehouse).

Please note that we charge NO SERVICE FEE (0%!), except for a logistic fee for certain brands. A 10% logistics fee applies to some brands that are not listed on the Azora.Store website at https://azora.store/brands/

You pay for the order. The payment is processed by modern and secure 3D-Secure systems. You can pay by Visa or Mastercard issued by any bank! No fee is charged when paying via 3D-Secure

* You can pay in any currency. It will be automatically converted at the rate of the bank to which your card is linked

 ** AZORA reserves the right to cancel an order without giving a reason

 *** The customer is responsible for the order correctness (indication of the correct price, colour, quantity, etc.). AZORA is not responsible for the buying of an incorrect order

What you pay for

Goods and their delivery from the store to our warehouse in Portugal    

Paying for the goods and their delivery to the Azora warehouse

We receive your payment and buy what you’ve ordered. We wait for the goods to be delivered to the AZORA warehouse. It takes about 15 business (not calendar) days to process the orders and deliver the goods to the warehouse, regardless of the delivery time indicated in the online stores where you shopped. There may be additional delays during peak sales

If any of the items on your order is unavailable at the time of buying or the order is subsequently cancelled for any reason, the money you paid is returned to the balance in your account. You can use this balance for further shopping with AZORA or to pay the shipping cost. Refunds to the card from which the payment was made are impossible.

Payment for the delivery from the Azora warehouse to you

You receive an email notification that the goods have arrived at our warehouse. If you do not plan to add anything to this package, you fill out the Request delivery form by selecting the orders you want to be shipped. After the package is completed, it is impossible to make adjustments or add / delete an order or product. We issue an invoice for shipment: €17 per one package shipped by EMS courier or local state postal services, ou €75 per one package shipped by DHL Express. The maximum number of items in one package is 20. Postal insurance of EUR 7 is to be paid at customer’s discretion. Parcel insurance is mandatory for shipments to Kazakhstan. DHL Express delivery costs 75 euros for a parcel of any weight.

The shipping fee when delivering to the EU countries is EUR 35 for a parcel of any weight when delivered by EMS courier service and EUR 75 if you choose DHL Express delivery (also for a parcel of any weight). The maximum package dimensions are 50x40x20 cm for all carriers.

Delivery to Qatar is carried out only by DHL Express with the shipping fee of EUR 75 for a parcel of any weight. 

The fee for delivery to Turkmenistan via EMS courier service is EUR 24 for a parcel of any weight. No parcel insurance is provided when delivering to Turkmenistan using this method.

We can store an unlimited number of your orders at our warehouse for free for 6 months and make a single parcel of several orders when it is convenient for you. If the free storage period is exceeded, an additional charge of EUR 1/day/order will be charged. The offer to make a single parcel from several orders is valid only for one account on our website. It is impossible to combine orders from different accounts /from different customers into one parcel.

Order delivery

You pay the cost for shipping the order from the Azora warehouse to you — €17 — and the insurance of the parcel — €7 (optional, except for Kazakhstan). We send the goods to you and provide you with the tracking number of the package. 

The average package delivery time from our warehouse in Portugal to you is ABOUT 30 business days after the shipping fee payment. The term for the parcel preparing for shipment is not specified, but is included in the parcel delivery time to the addressee

Due to the force majeure situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the above delivery time may increase. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

You received the package!

You receive your package**** and become the proud owner of high-quality, beautiful and stylish things! Leave feedback and make a new order. Do not forget to recommend us to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and everyone who, like you, is a fan of the modern fashion industry and wants to wear only stylish and high-quality things of world-famous, as well as young but talented, designers.

The shipping cost from the Azora warehouse to you (doesn’t depend on the country or region*) is 17 euros

* Please note that: the maximum number of items in one parcel is 20. The maximum parcel dimensions are: 50х40х20 cm 

** Insurance (EUR 7), which guarantees the refund in case of force majeure along the route of the parcel; compensation for the lost parcel is provided by buying new orders for the amount of the lost goods

*** Package are sent daily (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). Package are delivered in hand to the recipient’s address specified by him/her, to the door (restrictions are possible) or to post offices in the place of destination

**** Any claims for the lack of the package items can be accepted for consideration only upon providing a video recording of the package unpacking. If you find any signs of the package opening or damage to the package integrity, refuse to receive it by making an appropriate deed in cooperation with the carrier